DuPont - "The Boy Who Made Something Out Of Anything"

The Boy Who Made Something Out Of Anything is the story of a young boy whose insatiable curiosity drives him to create wonderful inventions out of things that have been overlooked or cast aside. Like the boy in the film, DuPont has found a way to transform something we didn't use into something useful. The new cellulosic ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa is creating clean cellulosic ethanol from crop waste.

Dupont Kevlar - What Would You Dare If You Didn't Doubt?

Dupont Kevlar is well known for being the ultra-durable material found in bulletproof vests. But it is lesser-know for being an essential material in extreme sports gear.  It can be found in surfboards, bike helmets, skis and most recently, CrossFit apparel.

Its presence gives professional athletes reassurance that it won't be their gear that fails them.  It removes that little hint of doubt that can make them second guess themselves before they attempt the next insane stunt or record-breaking dead lift. Knowing that their surfboard won't impale them, or their skis won't chatter in the half-pipe, or their helmet will withstand the toughest of athletes the ability DARE BIGGER by removing the doubt that could inhibit their performance.

What would you dare if you didn't doubt?

Kevlar & Reebok Crossfit

Kevlar and X-Games

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