John Hancock Vitality

It’s Not What You Think

When a life insurance commercial pops up, people typically tune out. The clichéd visual of the older couple walking along the beach causes immediate advertising blindness. With John Hancock Vitality, we had an opportunity to change the conversation around life insurance and make it something greater than a reward for dying.

John Hancock Vitality is an innovative life insurance product that rewards people for the healthy things they do, like eating healthy and working out. To break through the apathy of its category, we reframed it as a lifestyle brand.

We positioned life insurance as an object of desire like a new shoe, golf club, organic juice and more. The campaign ran in Atlanta and featured a local Super Bowl spot, digital advertising, social, out of home, print, and a custom-designed running shoe in partnership with Adidas.

Campaign Case Study
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TV :15 “Drive”

TV :30 “It’s Not What You Think”

Super Heated :15

Social: “It’s Not a Shoe”
Note: We designed a custom shoe with Adidas and gave them away at local events.

Social: “It’s not a juice”