Perrier Flavors - Find your Flavor Inspiration

Part of the latest "Perrier Extraordinaire" campaign, we were tasked with launching Perrier Flavors in the US. The idea was based on the notion that cracking open a can of fruit flavored Perrier can inspire the extraordinary.  So we decided to partner with extraordinary talents, like street artist AKA Corleone, to see what happens when extraordinary bubbles and flavor combine with extraordinary talent.

Out of Home

Welcome to District Perrier

District Perrier isn’t just a place. It’s a state of being. And in this destination for nightlife and culture, the extraordinary rules. Because here, you laugh in the face of convention. Here, no matter what language you speak, it sounds like French. Here, you might dabble in mixology. And possibly time travel. Here, curiosity has a scent. Here, you’re both left and right handed. And here, every drink comes with a twist. Welcome to the unexpected world of the District Perrier. It all starts with a sip.

"Melting" Outdoor


These short films portrayed the heightened state Perrier can bring to any situation. Why settle for sexy when you can be sexIER? The animations were distributed through paid and earned media channels.