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British Famous 

Who was Benedict Cumberbatch a few years ago? Nobody Cumberbatch, that’s who. Because he was only British Famous. And he’s not alone. For decades, British celebrities have been adored at home but anonymous abroad, until America discovers them and makes them the real kind of famous. And that is precisely Diane Morgan’s plan. So she’s doing things she believes Americans love in the hopes of becoming the next big American thing, all while showcasing the greatest parts of Great Britain.

This social media campaign was created for Visit Britain, British Airways and American Airlines to attract millennial travelers to book a trip to Great Britain. The campaign features tons of video content, promoted and organic Facebook content and traditional digital advertising. 

British Famous - Campaign Intro

Diane Morgan - The Self Help Guru 

Diane Morgan - The Action Hero

Diane Morgan - The Rock Star

Diane Morgan - The Foodie

Diane Morgan - Celebrity Endorser

Diane Morgan is British Famous, but in order to become famous in America she knows she needs to become a celebrity endorser. So we created a series of generic commercials that brands can literally place their logos into. 

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