The Urban Generation Project

The Urban Generation is the first generation to be born into a world where most people live in cities. This project gives these children a voice to communicate their hopes for a better future — one where the cities they dream of can become a reality. With the help of companies like Siemens, they will learn the importance of sustainability. And as a result, better cities will be generated by their knowledge and insights. 

We traveled to schools in South Africa, Istanbul and Mumbai and documented children speaking about and drawing their hopes and dreams for what their cities could become.

Somewhere in America... 

Moment of the Answer TV - "Dragon" :60

Moment of the Answer TV - "Rosie" :30

Moment of the Answer TV - "Unit 9" :30

Long Form Storytelling Series

This series uses long-form video to demonstrate how Siemens 'answers' are making a real difference in communities across the country. Their collective efforts are capturing the right people's attention...

Chesapeake Bay - Documentary

The Chesapeake Bay used to be one the most pristine bodies of water in the world. But years of neglect have left it one of the most polluted. This is the story about revitalizing one of America's most beautiful waterways and the community that depends on it.

Los Angeles, CA - Documentary

Los Angeles is a vibrant, multicultural city of nearly 10 million people who all share a dream of good health. This is the story about how Siemens is partnering with the best doctors and hospitals in the city to keep the City of Angels healthy for generations to come.

Hutchinson, Kansas - Documentary Series

This film series tells the story of Hutchinson, Kansas— a town being revitalized because of a new Siemens wind power production facility. We documented the entire process from breaking ground and hiring of new employees, to the first nacelle rolling off the production line. "Hutch 3" is the culmination of the series.

"Sustainable City" Digital Billboard

A 12-foot-by-8-foot multi-touch display at Reagan Airport in Washington DC that attracted visitors with three addictive challenges based on technologies Siemens is supplying cities around the world: building technologies, mobility, and electric vehicle charging.

Siemens - Print

Denmark Wind Project

In most of the world, wind power is a goal. In Denmark, it is already powering homes, farms and factories, supplying a full 20% of the nations electricity. This site introduces you to some of the people at Siemens who are making this happen. You will see where they work, and hear - in their own words - how they harness the power of the wind. 

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Siemens High Speed Rail Road Show

In 2010, High Speed Rail was on the verge of coming to Florida. In an effort to secure the contract, Siemens launched the “Future of Florida High-Speed Rail Tour”. The roadshow visited Tampa, Orlando, Miami and Tallahassee. Each stop along the way invited stakeholders, politicians and the general public to learn more about the project and experience its positive social, fiscal and environmental impact. Exhibits featured interactive displays, a full-scale model of the Velaro high-speed train and a 200-m.p.h. high speed simulator to give attendees a sense of the traveling on the Velaro.